Why Mediation is a Good Thing Before You Commit to Litigation


Mediation vs Arbitration - What's the right choice?

  Deciding on the most appropriate pathway to resolution is crucial to ensuring the fastest and most cost effective outcome. What avenue you choose is based on a variety of factors which we will discuss in a moment, but firstly it's important to understand some of the fundamental differences between mediation and arbitration -the two different dispute resolution pathways. In today's post, we've ...

Litigation costs v ADR costs

It's about to get more expensive for individuals and companies that wish to launch legal proceedings, following the introduction of new measures by the South Australian State Government in 2013, making it the most expensive state in the country to issue a summons.

Early Dispute Resolution Strategies v Traditional Litigation Methods

There have been extensive discussions both privately and publically regarding the importance of the legal profession leaning too heavily on traditional methods to reach a resolution.

The legal industry is changing - see how it affects you as a client


Mediators – When do you need a Mediator not a Lawyer?

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Family Court Madness


Dispute Resolution – When is Commercial Litigation Worth it?

When considering options during the early stages of legal proceedings, it's important to remain focused on the outcome you are trying to produce. Regardless of whether you began proceedings or they were thrust upon you, in your mind you will have best and worst outcome scenarios. Articulating those, and understanding at a fundamental level what you are trying to achieve, and sharing that ...